Welcome To Vintage Microphones
World-class gear, Real-world rates.

Vintage Microphones is honored to support NYC-area studios and musicians by supplying high quality audio equipment at affordable rates. We offer an extensive selection of gear to help you get the most out of your recordings...and your recording budget. Sure, we�re a business, but we�d also like to think of what we do as having a positive impact on sustaining the artistic energy that makes this city so special. It�s really simple: We love music. We love audio gear. We love the art and science of recording...and we are truly love helping studios and musicians make great recordings.

We are extremely proud to be the only company on the East Coast to have several rare and very coveted pieces of gear for rental. The new flagship of our microphone inventory is a pristine BRAUNER VM1-KLAUS HEYNE EDITION. This particular KHE was acquired directly from Klaus himself. Out of the 100 VM1 KHE's that were ever manufactured, Klaus personally rated this specimen as being in the top five of all 100 KHE's made. It has a dimensionality that must be heard to be believed! In addition to the Brauner, we are also the only rental company in the USA to have a matched pair of the new LUCAS CS-1 microphones. We also have one of the last WAGNER U47W's hand made by Gunter Wagner, as well as many other examples of world class gear.

Some of the highlights of our vintage microphone inventory include a mint condition TELEFUNKEN ELA-M 250 (which originally came from Shelley Yakus' Tongue & Groove Studios in Philadelphia), Eddie Kramer's original NEUMANN U47 from Electric Lady, a NEUMANN M49B, NEUMANN U67's, an RCA 44BX...and many others.

In addition to microphones, we have a large collection of vintage and boutique outboard gear including original Teletronix/Urei LA2A's, LA3A's, 1176's, DBX 160's, eq's from Pultec, mic pres from Telefunken, Neve, API, Chandler, Thermionic Culture, Inward Connections and Shadow Hills Industries. We are also the only rental company in the USA to have a matched pair of the legendary, original, GREG HANKS BA-660 mic pre/compressor!

We also carry a large inventory of API 500 series compatible modules. We can custom assemble a "lunchbox" or rack for you!

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We are here to help!